Communications Manager - World Vision in Kenya 2013

Job Title:    Communications Manager – based in Kenya   
Application Deadline Date:    31 Dec 2012
Position Location:    Nairobi, Kenya   
Position Start Date:    01 Feb 2013
Region:    Africa\East Africa    Position End Date:    31 Jan 2014
Requisition Category:    International   
Recruitment Priority:    Need Immediately
Country Name:    Kenya    Program/Office Name:    Kenya
City/Province:    Nairobi, Kenya   
Employee Type:    Home Country Intl. (HCI)
Job Grade Level:    15/160   
Recruitment Status:    Advertising in Progress
Is this a family post?    Non-family – Staff only
Requisition Num:    2012DMAU-933N92


To develop and implement a communications strategy designed to meet the marketing and communications needs of a WV National Office program and the World Vision Partnership as a whole, enabling the National Office to pro-actively engage all stakeholders (both internal and external) to increase their awareness and understanding of the needs of affected children, families and communities and WV National Office’s response and impact.


Design/revise sectoral strategy on national office communications, identify priorities and business plan, and coordinate implementation thereof and monitor progress.
Contribute to the development of national office’s strategy providing expertise relating to communications.
Lead the development of communications and advocacy components of the programming priorities and plans in alignment with the regional and global strategies and priorities.
Build on and further develop the preliminary communications thematic priorities developed by WV through updating analysis, messaging, and amending key focus themes for national & international communication where appropriate.
Conduct a thorough analysis of WV current and planned programming to understand the key opportunities and needs for communication at the community level and to periodically update the analysis to maintain its relevancy to WV’s programming.
Work closely with WV’s East Africa Regional Office (EARO) communication staff to ensure WV National Office strategy is aligned within EARO’s overarching communications strategy for the region


Contribute to development of global policies, guidelines and standards relating to relief communications and support in contextualizing and mainstreaming them within the region.
Advice and support the Country Program Director in his / her leadership and engagement on matters related to communications during humanitarian emergencies.
Lead the production and timely submission of high quality communications resources such as photos, videos, situation reports, newsletters, annual reports to relevant facts & data to Support and Partnership offices and other key stakeholders
Advise Support Offices and Global Centre, Regional Office on national office context and appropriate messaging and positioning related to WVS program
Identify and advise on cutting-edge and appropriate technologies in communications that will facilitate effective and cost -efficient communications within the organization.
Generate periodic monitoring reports and analysis on the overall humanitarian situation in Sudan, including regular updates to key Partnership stakeholders, in accordance with WVS’s Advocacy Strategy.
Collaborate with other NGO actors to jointly develop and deliver communication statements and advocacy positions and messaging on pertinent themes or issues;
Build internal national staff capacity on policy analysis and advocacy.


Support National Offices by managing/coordinating all communications including handling media inquiries, facilitating field visits, preparing press statements and arranging press conference.
Collaborate with GRRT during Level 3 emergency response communications in supporting the National Offices communications with all stakeholders.
Collaborate with heads of sectors in preparation and implementation of communication section of National Disaster Preparedness Plan.
Collaborate with program and operations teams in defining public positions and messaging in relation to actual or potential large scale humanitarian emergencies.
Ensure that key websites, including regional websites, wvrelief, Alertnet and Relief Web, are updated with details of WV’s humanitarian responses, resources and spokespeople.
Review and consolidate information in preparing public statement to media during complex Humanitarian Emergencies or during crises where WV’s operation is significantly affected.
Collaborate with Regional HEA and analyse communications trends within the humanitarian aid industry.
Identify sensitive media issues that can affect WV and work with the Regional Advisor to support senior leadership in responding.

Build key NO employee’s capacity in the areas of expertise
Support the assessment, development and implementation of an integrated national office capacity building plan based on regional HEA / NO communication priorities and strategies.
Advise National Office on communications core competencies and capacity requirements at national level
Identify, share / facilitate access to communications resources and appropriate materials, learning and support opportunities for National Office. These may include active involvement in training, engagement of trainers, establishing institutional links, identifying opportunities for staff exchange or mentoring
Encourage mutual learning between National Office and other offices within East Africa Regional Area
Contribute to national office communication forum/network coordinated through the Regional Office.
Contribute to continuous learning and facilitate documentation of best practices in communication during humanitarian emergency crisis and contribute to the community of practice and centre of excellence.


Support National Office in ensuring adherence to HEA and communications and advocacy policies, protocols, standards and branding of WVI relating to communications.
Support and ensure that all communications to various stakeholders, media and public are aligned to WVI brand.
Support the Program Managers and their teams in addressing alignment, compliance and quality issues and needs of National Offices related to communications during humanitarian emergencies.


Act as a strategic link and focal point for national office communications connecting Regional Office, Support Offices and Global Centre during humanitarian emergencies.
Participate and actively contribute in the partnership forums, working Groups and networks related to relief communication as deemed necessary by Country Program Director.
Collaborate with HEA staff in Regional Office in all matters related to humanitarian emergency communications.


Liaise media requests and potential donors to National office as required.
Develop and maintain good working relationships with external stakeholders such as media, donors, government, policy makers, partners and audiences to enhance World Vision’s credibility and influence in promotion of children’s rights
Serve as the WV Spokesperson where required and as sanctioned by the Country Program Director representing the WV National Office in communications with line ministries and media.

Reporting and Accountability Requirements
This is a World Vision National Office position based in Nairobi.
The holder of the position will be expected to spend at least 50% of his/her time in the national office. While in Nairobi, the position will report administratively to the Communications Manager..
The position requires a mature, self-disciplined person, able to produce high quality work with minimal supervision..


Lead and support activities that will enrich and develop mutual growth in Christ.
Perform any other tasks assigned by the Country Program Director
Relevant bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications or Marketing;
Excellent oral and written (English) communications skills
Deep understanding of and long-term experience in African culture
Excellent cross-cultural communication skills, specifically in African context
Strong interpersonal, networking and organizational skills
Training, coaching and editing skills
Demonstrated facilitation and collaboration skills
High level of awareness of global and regional socio-economic, political and environmental issues
At least 5 years professional experience in International communications, media or public relations
Experience in media crisis
Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Knowledge in photography graphics and website design.
Masters degree preferred.

How to Apply:

Deadline: 31st December 2012


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