PE and Swimming Teacher - Studio Twenty Two Agencies(Abela) Ltd - Nairobi

1. Enjoy and have skills in physical activity
2. Commitment to personal health and physical fitness
3. Enjoy working with young people
4. Good communication skills
5. Enthusiastic, patient and tactful
6. Prepared to work outside of school hours.

1. Teach basic techniques and skills associated with team and individual sports, dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and recreational activities.
2. Plan and deliver activities that will assist in the skill progression of students
3. Instruct students in the safety practices associated with different environments, including swimming pools and playing fields.
4. Coordinate special events such as inter-school sports programs, swimming and sports activities.

Send cv to xxxx@xxxxx##.xx.xx

Date:        16 December 2013
City/Town:    Nairobi
Location:    Nairobi Area
Wage/Salary:        Kshs. 30,000/=
Start:        Immediately
Duration:        Permanent
Type:    Full Time
How to apply:    send cv to xxxx@xxxxx##.xx.xx
Company:        Studio Twenty Two Agencies(Abela) Ltd.
Contact:        Abela
Phone:        0750 788 167, 020 2223131, 020 2318067
Fax:        020 2223131


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