Sales & Marketing Representative - Real Estate - Studio Twenty Two Agencies(Abela) Ltd - Nairobi

Job: Sales & Marketing Representative

Role: Marketing of properties in the magazines, newspapers, internet, billboards, signboards, name it.

Qualification & Skills:-
1.A team player who shall lead the
Estate Agency Division
2.A good communicator with creative
3.Bachelors Degree in Sales & Marketing
4.Over 3 years experience in Sales and
5.Proven stability of work
6.Someone who can report in the office
between 6.30-7.00 am easily(flexibility.
7.Driving skills desired
8.Computer skills and trainable to
manage website
9.A team player with leadership skills
10.Willing to travel when called upon

Email cvs to xxxx@xxxxx##.xx.xx

Date:        31 March 2014
City/Town:    Nairobi
Location:    Nairobi Area
Wage/Salary:        20,000/=
Start:        Immediately
Duration:        Permanent
Type:    Full Time
How to apply:    send cv to xxxx@xxxxx##.xx.xx
Company:        Studio Twenty Two Agencies(Abela) Ltd.
Contact:        Abela
Phone:        0750 788 167, 020 2223131, 020 2318067
Fax:        020 2223131


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